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Sydney Eliason

Have you ever made your own ricotta? You’ll be amazed at how easy making ricotta is!

In fact — you may never want to buy ricotta again.

I make this from scratch whenever I do a pasta dinner for clients. I’ll come to your house and make three different types of doughs and three different fillings with sauces and toppings and the whole gambit!

It’s quite the party and quite a bit of food — as you can imagine. If you’re curious about hosting your own event like this, or doing one with me virtually reach out to my e-mail…

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Chablis is a white wine Region with fabulous, bright and zesty Chardonnays.

Chablis (sha-blee) is a region located in North-Central France. An outlier to Burgundy considering that Chablis is geographically (and viticulturally) closer to Champagne. This region is the northernmost wine growing region for still (meaning still wine, and not sparkling) Chardonnay in the world. It’s cold and damp — so the soil and the weather mean everything to the growers.

Two incredibly knowledgeable authors, Jordan Mackay and Rajat Paar, state that Chablis is “one of the greatest demonstrations of terroir on the planet” because it is “the…

Summer is all about Fish Tacos!

I really love all things food, but tacos are amongst the top top favorite. The beer batter is SUPER EASY to make and it’s flavorful and with the easy citrus slaw on top and the cilantro avocado crema… mmmmm. It’s perfect. It’s just perfect.

So here’s how you go about making all this fabulous things to make one of the best (and I mean it, best) fish tacos I’ve ever had.

The Cilantro Lime Crema

This is an amazing addition to these fish tacos. You can make the crema and store it in your refrigerator, tightly covered, for…

Australian wines are exceptional values and truly coming into their own. This country has a ton of land mass — but due to its latitude, winemaking can take place in very specific regions. That means that pretty much anything in the center and North Western coasts are out for wine growing regions.

Despite that, Australia is at the forefront of new winemaking ideas, along with New Zealand, and constantly pushes boundaries on what’s thought possible.

The list of regions below looks long — so feel free to skim and come back to it as your shopping in the Australia area…

I present to you the Rosé Berry Betty. A dessert that’s like a crumble, but has the streusel topping in the middle as well as on top. Mind. Blown. It’s the prefect blend of fruit, rosé, and streusel.

What’s not to love about this dessert? I really don’t know.

I almost wrote a haiku about it (okay I actually did) but I thought that was too much. So instead, I’m going to briefly discuss what a Betty is and the difference between a cobbler, a crisp, and a crumble. Because who knew that it really did matter?! So I got…

These lemon chicken skewers are great for just 1 or 2 people, but can also be scaled for a crowd, and they can be made ahead!

I love easy dinners. Better yet, I love easy dinners that I can make ahead of time and then put on the grill whenever people are ready to eat.

These lemon chicken skewers are also incredibly flavor packed. With the veggies, the lemon marinade and a sprinkling of basil on top, it’s fresh and vibrant without being overly heavy. If you really want to go the extra mile — whip up a batch of…

Let’s talk about White Burgundy. 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 You may recognize some of the village names, and some names may look like gibbersih.

These were found at a local shop and all under $30! (Okay the Saint Romain is $32, but pretty close!)

What To Expect from Most White Burgundy in the $20-$30 Range…

Here’s the gist:⁠

Whites will be 100% Chardonnay⁠ — Minimal to Zero New Oak. Reds will be Pinot Noirs (same minimal to zero (new or old) oak)

In this value range, producers don’t have room to splurge on expensive new oak barrels. So they will typically use used barrels or stainless steel fermentation vessles.⁠ …

Serving temps can confuse the best of us — but does it really matter?

The short answer to that question is, if you want to get the most out of your wine, yes. If you don’t really care and want your wine cold, then no, but you might be missing out.

I always tell friends and clients that, “you like what you like — I am here to guide you to help improve your wine experience, but I’m not here to change your taste preferences.” And that’s 100% true. …

Phew — that title was a mouthful!

Welcome to the beautiful Italian language. The wines, the people, and the views are always spectacular so there’s a lot to be appreciated about Italy. Especially in the Chianti Classico region! Can we say GREAT VALUE?!

I’m a bargain hunter. You probably know this if you’ve read even one of my wine posts. I am 100% okay with paying a lot of money on wine, but I want to make sure it’s great quality. …

It’s Cava a Big Deal

Sorry — I couldn’t resist!

In case you missed my last wine review, I talked about Spanish Rioja and one of the aging categories (Crianza) and the types of grape varietals that are in the blend.

Today, we’re in a totally different area of Spain. Technically — we are all over Spain. Cava D.O. is a classification, it’s not a region.

Wait. What?

That’s right. Cava can be made multiple places in Spain. It’s not like Champagne… that can only be made in Champagne France.

Cava is a sparkling wine that comes from Spain, and…

Sydney Eliason

Chef, Sommelier, Writer, Consultant. Loves food & wine, will travel.

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